The germination of Rushika Foods

The provenance of Rushika Foods was a decade ago in 2006 with a small group of visionary businessmen with a passion for producing the finest Horticulture produces that could match the global benchmarking standards. For a decade now Rushika Foods has been operating as a standard bearer in show casing the best and varied produce of India to the world.

Rushika Foods has been sourcing, handling and supplying top quality fresh produce to highly satisfied and reputed customers in the United Kingdom, United states, Dubai, France and Singapore. The company is working towards expanding its footprint to new global destinations for more markets and people to know the taste of India's quality fruits and vegetables.

The company has a dedicated farming and field team which is highly trained and experienced to source top quality fruits and vegetables. Our expert operations team ensures smooth operations of the pack house facilities and contributes tremendously to the timely post-harvest operations. The assertive marketing efforts and concentration on pack house operations have earned us 370% export volume grow “throughaut”thin 2016.

    Our Strengths
  • Produce Sourcing: A part of our sourcing is from the Global GAP certified farms so that our customers get the fruits and vegetables that have been grown as per global standards.
  • Packhouse Infrastructure: We have dedicated pack house that ensures the processing of the fresh produce which is equipped enough to process the fresh produce in the shortest possible period from the time of plucking.
  • Uniform grading and sorting of produce ensures desirable quality and size Throughout automated sorting grading machine.
  • Multiple Quality Checks: Every fresh produce lot undergoes multiple quality checks at all stages of the harvesting and post-harvesting process. Rigorous checking, right from the selection of the produce, especially during the hot water treatment and in the end, while packing for shipping out.
  • Packaging Material: The premium quality packing material is being used to pack, store and transport the farm produce is of superior strength. It keeps the packed produce optimally safe under given conditions.


The Edge of Dedicated Pack House Infrastructure

Pack houses are the mostcrucial infrastructure required in the Horticulture industry and Rushika Foods has a dedicated ultra-modern, highly mechanised pack house situated right at the heart of the 22000 hectares spread Mango cultivating area, in Talala Gujarat. The mechanised pack house enables smoother and faster operations so that the dispatch of produce to the end markets becomes swift. Handling and packing capacity for Mangoes at the pack house is as high as 50 Tonnes per day. The pack house infrastructure with more than 200 Tonnes static capacity includes the following facilities:

• CA Cold Chambers

• Pre-cooling Chambers

• Ripening Chambers

• Automated Sorting Grading Line (Weight based grading)

• Hot Water Tanks for Mango (As per the USA and European export protocols)

• Packing Hall with temperature control

Apart from other fruits and vegetables Export And Processing approvals, our pack house has special government approval for the treatment of Mangoes to be exported to Europe, UK, US, Dubai and the rest of the Gulf region. The infrastructure is well equipped to process and pack produce for New Zealand, Australia, China and other Asian countries.

The Treasure Trove of Customers

Our fruits and vegetables have been favoured in the markets of Western Europe and the United States of America, Middle Eastand the far East regions of the world. Our supply to these parts of the globe have been happening successfully for the last decade and we have many satisfied customers whose numbers are ever increasing. Our products can be found in international super market chains. We are currently supplying our horticultural produces to United Kingdom, France, United States of America, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.


Nature's Offerings packed by Rushika Foods

Mango: Mangoes are aptly called the King of the Fruits. But India is a vast nation, a sub-continent and is blessed with many varieties of Mangoes. Among them, Kesar Mango, which is grown in the state of Gujarat is the star export produce of Rushika Foods.

Kesar Mangoes from our brands are appreciated for unmatched taste and sweetness by our customers. Global GAP certified farms also contribute to the sourcing. Our strength lies in the in-depth knowledge of Mangoes, the hundreds of farmers' linkages in the procurement areas in Talala Gir, Junagadh, Kutch districts of Gujarat, efficient operations management of our pack houses and seamless supply chain. At Rushika Foods, we are committed to the consistent supply of the most superior quality Mangoes to our customers globally.

Kesar Mango is endowed with sweetness, attractive shape, arresting saffron colour and a mild fragrance that fascinates the buyer. It is loaded with protein, vitamins and essential nutrients that are so vital for good health. The usage of the Kesar Mangoes is not limited only to direct consumption but is also extended to a variety of processed forms like juice, milkshake, pulp, chutney, smoothie, dessert, cake, mousse, ice name a few.

Shelf-life from the day of harvesting: Up to 15 days

Season/Availability: During the period between 2nd week of April and 4th week of June, for export and consumption


Barhee dates are ripened tender fruit of the date palm and are yellowish when ripe. They are crunchy, juicy and sweet in taste and are grown in the desert land of Kutch region of Gujarat, where dry and sunny climate helps to grow the world's best Barhee dates.

We boast the superior quality Barhee dates sourced from Global GAP certified farms. The production belt of this produce is spread over 17000 Hectares of land in Kutch Gujarat.

Fresh Barhee dates are the good source of fructose & glucose. They also are rich in Calcium with very high fibre content that aids in better digestion. Barhee dates are gold mines of minerals and energy, which helps to reduce stress and vitalizes body.

Shelf-life from the day of harvesting- Up to 12 days

Season/Availability:During the months of July and August for export and consumption.


Pomegranate: The persistent efforts and research towards developing the business have enabled us to supply Pomegranates. We thank Farmers of Gujarat

India has been for millennia home to this fruit that is full of flavour and medicinal properties. They are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants with anti- inflammatory properties. It also is high in fibres there by adding roughage to your diet. Recent studies show that eating the fruit and / or drinking pomegranate juice can help protect against disease, like certain cancers and Alzheimer's

  • Green chilly
  • Okra
  • Drumstick
  • Broad Beans
  • French Beans
  • Eggplant
  • Bottle gourd
  • Cluster Beans
  • Goose berry
  • String Beans
  • Green Papaya
  • Brinjal

The above is the list of Vegetables that Rushika Foods is geared up to export any where in the world and has experience in supplying to the organised retail chain stores. Rushika Foods also can grow and supply specific vegetables as per the clients' requirement on seasonal basis as we own 100 acres farm land in Kutch Gujarat where customized cultivation is possible.

    The Best Care & Nurturing for Personnel
  • Rushika Foods has the best team with the right mix of professionals and contractual staff. Even though we operate seasonally, the contractually staff is also as much apart of our team as much as the professional full-time employees.
  • All the employees are issued safety equipment viz. head covers, gloves, safety shoes and aprons and work under safe environs. The company takes its safety responsibilities very seriously and adheres to strict protocols in operations to ensure a safe workplace for its employees. Periodic health check-up camps for employees are conducted by Rushika Foods to ensure well- being of the work force.